Claiming again

Before claiming Disability Support Pension (DSP) again, you should check you meet the eligibility rules.

If you claim DSP again, we may reject your claim unless:

  • your circumstances have changed
  • you have new medical evidence that shows your condition has changed.

Claiming again if your circumstances have changed

If you submit a new claim for DSP, we’ll assess if you’re eligible based on all of the following:

  • your current circumstances
  • any previous assessments of your medical evidence and conditions
  • any new evidence you submit with your claim
  • the new Impairment Tables that started 1 April 2023.

Read more about the new Impairment Tables on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Details about the review of the DSP impairment Tables and a summary of changes are available on the Department of Social Services website.

We understand your condition may have changed since you last claimed. You need to provide new medical evidence if you claim again.

Program of Support

A Program of Support (POS) can help you to prepare for, find and keep a job. You may need to participate in a POS before you claim DSP.

To show you’ve now participated in a Program of Support (POS), you may need to give us all of the following:

  • details of your participation
  • details of the provider
  • any evidence you have from your provider about your participation.

We may also contact your provider to discuss your participation.

You also need to read who can get it and how we assess you for DSP. This will help you prepare before you submit a new claim.

You may be able to get other payments if you can’t get DSP.

Page last updated: 29 May 2023.
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