Starting your claim early

You can start a claim for Disability Support Pension early. This can be up to 13 weeks before you turn 16.

When you can start your claim

You can start your claim from 13 weeks before you turn 16.

When you start the claim we’ll need evidence that you meet non-medical and medical rules for Disability Support Pension (DSP). Read more about who can get it.

What happens after you save your claim

You can save your early claim for DSP. Once saved, you can see your claim in your Centrelink online account.

You’ll need to review the claim details and submit your claim to complete it. We’ll tell you when to do this.

Complete your claim

To review and submit your claim go to your Centrelink online account through myGov to complete it. You can edit your details at this time if you need to.

We won’t process your claim until you’ve reviewed and submitted it. We’ll give you a receipt for your claim so you can track its progress. There’s no need to call us.

We’ll assess your claim as quickly as we can. We’ll let you know when we process your claim and what the outcome is.

You won’t get paid until you submit your claim and we assess it. If it is granted, you won’t get paid until you turn 16. Find out more about how much you can get.

Track your claim

Use the claim tracker in your online account to see how your claim is progressing.

If your financial situation changes, you can withdraw your claim at any time.

Learn more about what your commitments are if you get DSP.

Page last updated: 24 March 2023.
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