My Aged Care face-to-face services resources for community groups

Resources to help you share information about the My Aged Care face-to-face services.

Older Australians now have more options to help them access and navigate My Aged Care services. Staff in all our service centres can give people general information about My Aged Care services. This includes connecting them to specialised assistance, including using My Aged Care’s online, phone and in-person services.

People can book an in-person or video chat appointment with an Aged Care Specialist Officer (ACSO). ACSOs are available in many of our service centres. If you’re a member of a community group, you may be able to have an ACSO visit to speak to your group.

We’ve created a My Aged Care face-to-face services eKit. You can use it to promote this service in your community.

Download the My Aged Care face-to-face services eKit

In the eKit

You’ll find these resources:

  • a guide on how to use the eKit
  • a customer factsheet
  • a poster
  • an article
  • talking points
  • social media content.

By using the eKit, you agree to reproduce the content in the exact form provided by us. Please don’t change the designs in any way. If you use assistive technology to help someone in your community, you may not be able to access the eKit. If this happens, you can read about the My Aged Care face-to-face services or contact My Aged Care through their website.

If your community members need information in their language

If people in your community need information in different languages, we have a translated resource about connecting you to aged care services.

Indigenous language audio recordings

We have audio recordings about connecting you to My Aged Care face-to-face services in 4 Indigenous languages. We have audio recordings on SoundCloud in the following languages:

You can read the transcript.

The audio recordings tell you how we can help you with:

  • starting your aged care journey
  • accessing aged care services
  • looking for help at home
  • entering an aged care home.

In some of our service centres we have a free service to give you extra help with your aged care questions. You, your family or a representative can speak to one of our Aged Care Specialist Officers.

We also have qualified interpreters in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. People in your community can ask us for an interpreter when they call or visit us.

More information

Read more about My Aged Care face-to-face services.

Page last updated: 23 November 2023.
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