Information you need

You’ll need to have certain details ready before you can complete the linking process in PRODA.

Before you can link to a health service provider, you must register your organisation in PRODA.

To complete the linking process, you must be a member of the organisation. You must also have at least one of these delegation attributes:

  • Director
  • Owner Access
  • Service Link Management.

If you aren’t a member of the organisation in PRODA and need to complete the linking process:

If you’re using a web services software product

You’ll need to enter information to complete the linking process if you use a web services ready software product.

For Medicare Online (including ECLIPSE, DVA and AIR)

You’ll need your organisations Minor ID. A Minor ID is also known as a Software ID or a Location ID.

An organisation can have more than 1 Minor ID. Your software developer gives this to you and is unique to a location. If you don’t know your Minor ID, contact your software developer.

If you also have an existing PKI site certificate

You’ll need your Minor ID and the matching PKI site certificate RA number for your organisation.

This isn’t your individual PRODA RA number, or the organisation’s PRODA RA number. This is the PKI site certificate RA number that you’ve used to transmit online previously.

If you don’t know your organisations PKI site certificate RA number, you can find it either:

For PBS Online

You’ll need your pharmacy approval number. An organisation can have more than 1 pharmacy approval number.

You must be an approved supplier under the following sections of the National Health Act 1953 (Cth):

  • section 90 (pharmacist)
  • section 92 (medical practitioner)
  • section 94 or 100 (hospital authority).

You can read more about approved suppliers on the Department of Health website.

If you’re accessing PBS, AIR or Patient Verification through HPOS


To complete linking, you need your pharmacy approval number. This is the unique number given to you by the Department of Health and Aged Care as either:

  • a section 90, section 92 or section 94 approved premise for the supply of PBS medicines
  • a stoma association under the Stoma Appliance Scheme.


To complete linking, you need your AIR Provider Number and your AIR Linking Code. You’ll also need your organisation’s details registered with the AIR.

If you have more than one AIR Provider Number you’ll need to register a subsidiary organisation for each. You can then link the subsidiary organisation to HPOS for AIR.

Your organisation’s AIR linking code is a one-time access code given to you when we approve your AIR provider number.

For Patient Verification

To complete linking you need to be a Commonwealth declared hospital with a valid Hospital ID.

The organisation must be a Medicare claiming organisation and have an organisation Minor ID.

Page last updated: 7 July 2022