How to register for an individual account

To access available services you’ll need to register an individual PRODA account.

You can only register one PRODA account in your name. You can’t create an account for someone else. Don’t share your secure login details with anyone.

Your individual PRODA account belongs to you. It doesn’t expire. This means if you change your employer, you’ll keep the same Individual PRODA account.

You’ll need to verify your identity online to complete the registration process. Find out what documents you need before you start the registration process.

Step 1: create account

On the PRODA registration page, select Register now to begin the process. You’ll need to:

  • enter your details as they appear on your identity documents
  • create your login details
  • create a user name and password
  • select 3 security questions and provide the answers
  • verify your personal email address.

We recommend that you don’t use a group or work email address.

You should take time to read the Terms and Conditions before you register. You’ll find these and privacy details when you register for PRODA.

Verify your email address

We’ll send an activation code to your personal email address. To create your account, enter the code in the Email code field to verify your email address.

Once we verify your email address, we’ll confirm your account creation, username and Registration Authority (RA) number by email. The RA number is unique to your account. You may need to give this to your employer after your account is finalised. You can also give this to the PRODA Helpdesk if you need support.

You’ll still need to verify your identity to finalise your account. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to access any services until you do this.

Step 2: verify documents

A list of documents will appear for you to select from. You’ll use 3 documents to confirm your identity and you can only use an identity document once.

We’ll remove the document from the list after either of the following happen:

  • when verification is successful
  • after 3 failed verification attempts.

You’ll need to do this for your second and third document.

Verify your name change

We’ll let you know if your identity details in the documents don’t match. You may need to verify your name change. Read more about the documents you need.

Select your verification code preference

Each time you log in to your account you’ll need to enter a single use verification code. We’ll send this to your personal email address by default. You can update or change your verification code preference to SMS from your account settings.

Step 3: match existing services

To access services you’re eligible for as an individual, you’ll need to link your PRODA account to the service.

Linking will depend on what information that service provider requires to establish your eligibility to access their service.

To link your individual PRODA account to the service.

  • Select Services from the PRODA header.
  • Select the relevant service tile from the My Linked Services page.
  • Then complete the required fields.

View what services you can access using PRODA.

If you need to access the service on behalf of an organisation, you’ll need to either:

You’re good to go!

If you need assistance with linking to a service, you’ll need to contact that service provider for support.

If you need help with PRODA, you can call or email the PRODA team.

Page last updated: 23 October 2023.
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