Understanding management attributes

You can delegate attributes to members of your organisation in PRODA.

After you register your organisation in PRODA, you can delegate attributes to members of your organisation.

An attribute provides a member permission to perform management functions on behalf of your organisation. This can be in PRODA or with a service provider.

You can only give a maximum delegation period of 12 months.

Attributes only apply to the organisation it was delegated to. You can’t use an attribute for other organisations.

Each attribute gives different permissions. Make sure you choose the right attribute for your member so they can do everything they need to.

Types of attributes

Attribute Permissions
Employee Management

This lets you:

  • add or remove members
  • manage membership end dates.
Service-Link Management

This lets you:

  • add and link the organisation in PRODA to a Service Provider
  • remove a Service Provider from the organisation in PRODA.
Sub-Org Management This lets you add, remove or update Subsidiary Organisations (sub orgs).
Device Management

This lets you:

  • add, remove or update B2B devices
  • manage B2B device activation end dates.
Owner Access This assigns you all attributes and functions of a Director in PRODA.
Org Owner This lets you access or perform a particular function with the Service Provider associated to the attribute.
Ident This lets you access service providers as a nominee acting on behalf of another member of the organisation in PRODA.
Page last updated: 10 December 2021.
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