How to get it

You don’t need to submit a claim for Rent Assistance. We assess your eligibility when you claim a payment from us.

If you already get Rent Assistance and move to a new address, we’ll check if you’re still eligible for it.

We also check if you can get Rent Assistance when you submit a claim for another payment.

If we ask you to give us proof that you pay rent, we’ll ask you to complete a Rent Certificate. We’ll send this to you if we need you to complete and submit it.

Steps to get Rent Assistance

  1. Claim online

    1. If you already get a payment

    The easiest way to confirm changes to where you live is online.

    1. Sign in to myGov and go to Centrelink.
    2. Select My Details.
    3. Select either Update address details, Update contact details or Update accommodation details as required.
    4. Once you’ve updated your details we’ll give you a summary of the updates. Read the information and make sure it’s correct.
    5. If all the details are correct, read the declaration. If you understand and agree with the declaration, select I accept this declaration then select Submit.

    When you're ready:

    Sign in to myGov

    If you can’t do it online you can either:

    If you’re claiming another payment we’ll assess if you’re eligible for Rent Assistance when you claim a payment.

  2. Gather Documents

    2. Submit your documents

    You'll need to give us proof of your rent arrangements to get Rent Assistance.

    If you get certain payments from us we’ll assess your eligibility when you pay rent and you:

    • tell us you’ve moved address
    • tell us the rent you pay has changed.

    If you don’t get a payment from us we’ll assess your eligibility when you claim certain payments.

    If we ask you to complete a Rent Certificate or give us a formal tenancy agreement, you can submit them:


    3. Wait for the results

    After you submit your Rent Certificate or tenancy agreement, we’ll tell you if you can get Rent Assistance. We’ll write to you and let you know either:

    • with the results of the other payment you claimed
    • after you’ve told us you’ve moved.

    We’ll let you know the result of your application. We’ll send a message to your myGov Inbox.

    If you don't get electronic letters, we'll send you a letter in the mail.

    If we need more details we’ll ask you for them.

    You can track the progress of the main payment you’re claiming online. Sign in to myGov and go to Centrelink, or use the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

    If you think we’ve made a mistake you can ask us to review our decision.

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Page last updated: 28 June 2021