Who can get it

To get the Relocation Scholarship you must meet some rules.

Your situation

You must be either:

You must also meet the study rules.

Your place of study

You must do 1 of the following:

Don’t forget to tell us if you move, so we can update your details.

Your income

You must get at least $1 of any of these payments:

Who can't get it

You can’t get this payment if any of the following apply:

  • you don’t get Youth Allowance, ABSTUDY Living Allowance or Energy Supplement
  • your family home and your place of study are both in a major city when you start studying
  • you’re eligible for an Indigenous Student Success Program scholarship from the Department of National Indigenous Australians Agency
  • you get a Relocation Scholarship from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

You also can’t get it if you live on campus and get ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option. This applies unless you got the offer to live on campus after we paid your scholarship.

Page last updated: 12 November 2019