Who can get it

You might get Relocation Scholarship if you’re a student getting Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY and you meet these rules.

You must meet all of these rules to get this payment. You:

Your income

If you’re an ABSTUDY student but you don’t get any ABSTUDY Living Allowance each fortnight, you may still be eligible. This is if you get 1 or both of these payments from us:

Your place of study

You meet the rule to study in a specific place if you do 1 of the following:

Don’t forget to tell us if you move, so we can update your details.

You can't get it

You can’t get this payment if any of the following apply:

You also can’t get it if you live on campus and get ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option. This applies unless you got the offer to live on campus after we paid your scholarship.

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You can get a Relocation Scholarship if you’re studying in a full time approved scholarship course.

Page last updated: 24 July 2020