Practical placements

You can get a Relocation Scholarship if you need to move away from home for a practical placement.

The prac must be:

  • a compulsory part of your course
  • in a regional or remote area.

You must also meet the eligibility criteria and 35 day rules.

You can’t get a Relocation Scholarship for prac if you’ve already got one in the same year.

Verify your place of study

You need to show you’re moving to a regional or remote area for a compulsory prac.

To do this:

  • fill in the student part of the Verification of Campus form
  • get your course provider to fill in the Campus details part of the form and sign it
  • submit the form to us with any documents it asks for.

You can submit online or at a service centre.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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