Who can get it

You may be eligible if your child meets the living, study and age requirements and one of the isolation conditions.

Watch our video to learn more about how the Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme works.

To be eligible your child must meet all of these requirements:

One of the following isolation conditions must also apply to your child:

  • They're geographically isolated.
  • They have a special education need.
  • They have no reasonable access to a school.
  • They meet a continuity condition.

What you’ll get

If you meet the requirements and isolation conditions for the Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme, you’ll get 1 of the following:

  • Boarding Allowance
  • Distance Education Allowance
  • Second Home Allowance
  • Pensioner Education Supplement.

Read more about the payment types for Assistance for Isolated Children.

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The amount of Assistance for Isolated Children you get depends on your child's living arrangements.

Page last updated: 6 January 2020