Express Plus Centrelink mobile app help - Upload documents

Instructions to upload and submit documents with your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.


Uploading documents to us online is safe and convenient.

You can upload most documents with your Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. Read about what kind of documents you can upload and how to download and set up the app.

In some cases, you can send us identity documents online. Read more about how you can confirm your identity.

The screenshots in this guide are from an iOS device. Some screens may look different if you’re using an Android device.

Step 1: get started

Select Upload documents from Frequently used on your home screen.

Express Plus Centrelink mobile app help - Upload documents screenshot

Step 2: upload your document

To begin, select Upload document.

Express Plus Centrelink mobile app help - Upload documents screenshot

Select the category of your document from the menu. Select either:

  • Centrelink form
  • Other documents.

If you chose Centrelink form, you can select:

  • Scan barcode, to use your device to capture the barcode at the bottom of the Centrelink form.
  • Enter manually, to enter the form title or form code.

If you selected Scan barcode, the camera on your device will open. Move the borders around the barcode. The device will scan the barcode automatically.

Make sure the form is filled out and signed before you upload it.

Select Next, then go to step 3 to review and submit.

If you selected Enter manually, you’ll need to know the form code or title. To search for your form details, enter the form title or form code. Select the form from the search results, then Next.

You’ll find your form title at the top of your form. The form code will be at the bottom of your form.

Make sure the form is filled out and signed before you upload it.

Other document

If you chose Other document, select what your document relates to from the document category list, then Next.

Find out more about which documents you can upload.

To upload a document, select either: 

  • Take a photo to capture a photo of a new image
  • Upload document to choose a document you’ve already saved in your online storage service, then go to Step 3 
  • Add a photo from library to choose an existing image from your device's photo album or gallery, then go to Step 3.

Take a photo

If you selected Take a photo, position your document in front of your camera and when ready, select the capture icon.

If the image is out of frame, you can drag the corners to crop it.

Select Capture if you want to retake the image. Once you’re happy with the image, select Next.

Once you capture the image you'll see an Edit screen. On the Edit screen, you can:

  • Undo any crop action and start again
  • rotate the image using the rotate icons
  • improve the image quality using the enhance icon.

When your document is ready, select Next.

screenshot step 2i

Make sure your document is easy to read and facing the right way.  If you need to fix it, select Edit.

If your document is ready, select Done.

screenshot step 2j

Step 3: review and submit

You’ll see the 5 MB file limitation progress bar before submitting your document.

If you need to upload more documents for the same or a different document type, select either:

  • Take a photo
  • Upload document
  • Add a photo from library.

Repeat Step 2 to upload another document.

When your documents are ready, select Submit.

Read the declaration. If you understand and agree with the declaration, select I accept.

Get your receipt

We’ll give you a receipt when you upload your documents. Make a note of the Receipt number for your records.

Select Finish.

screenshot step 3c

To view history, go to Step 4.
To sign out, go to Step 5.

Step 4: view history

On the Upload documents screen, you can see a list of your uploaded documents. Your previous document is the same name as the category used to upload it.

To see more details, select View more.

screenshot step 4a


On the upload history screen, your documents will show:

  • how you uploaded it
  • the date and time you uploaded it
  • it’s status.

Select the arrow icon to see your document. 

screenshot step 4b

Select the upload icon to either:

  • copy or print your document
  • save your document to a file
  • create a PDF document.

screenshot step 4c

Select Close.

screenshot step 4d

When you’re finished, select the arrow icon to go back to the Upload documents screen.

screenshot step 4e

Select Close to return to your home screen.

screenshot step 4f

Step 5: sign out

For your privacy and security, Sign out when you’ve finished using the app.

To sign out, select More on your home screen, followed by Sign out.

screenshot step 5a   screenshot step 5b

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Page last updated: 25 October 2019