If it’s unreasonable for you to live at home

If you’re unable to live at home with either of your parents due to extreme circumstances, you may be independent.

You may be independent if both of the following apply. You’re:

  • 16 or older or have met the minimum age requirements for leaving school
  • unable to live at home due to extreme circumstances.

An extreme circumstance includes:

  • extreme family breakdown
  • violence
  • serious risk to your safety and wellbeing.

If your circumstances match any of the following, you can’t claim it’s unreasonable for you to live at home. You’re:

  • getting a regular government or student assistance payment, other than ABSTUDY or an income support payment like Youth Allowance
  • in state care, unless you’re not living with a carer and not receiving ongoing support from state or territory government.

You may also not be able to claim, if you get certain support from your parents or a long term guardian. This could be direct or indirect financial or other types of support.

If your parents live in separate homes, you must meet the criteria for each home.

You may need to give proof that you meet these requirements. If you’re younger than 18, a Centrelink social worker will assess your situation.

If you’re 18 or older, we may need 2 or more of the following forms:

If we assess you as being unable to live at home, we’ll treat you as independent. If you return home to live, we may consider you dependent again.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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