Getting support

We can help you access payments and services if you’re living with disability. There’s also help if you’re experiencing abuse or family and domestic violence.

Disability is any continuing condition that may impact your everyday activities. We can connect you and your family to support services, depending on your needs.

Help with access to payments and services

If you find it hard to work with us, you can nominate someone to deal with us on your behalf. You can authorise someone to make enquiries, update information, make decisions or get payments for you.

We want to make sure everyone can get information about our payments and services. Read about the accessibility options we have.

If you care for someone, we can help you access payments and services. This includes support when you need to take time off work and caring for yourself.

We can help if you, or someone you care for, is experiencing hardship or crisis. This may include help in an emergency such as a natural disaster.

Help to stop abuse of people with disability

If you or someone you care for is experiencing violence, abuse and neglect, it can be hard to identify it as abuse.

Violence, abuse, or neglect can happen within your home or in institutions such as a school, religious setting or care home.

You may experience it from your partner, family members and carers. The carer may also be your partner or a family member. If you’re living in an institution, it could be by someone who’s not related to you such as a health worker.

The abuse and neglect may relate directly to your care needs, disability or medical condition, such as:

  • withholding your medications, equipment or assistive devices
  • physically harming your service animal
  • depriving you of necessary physical accommodations
  • withholding your equipment such as wheelchairs or destroying assistive devices such as glasses or hearing aids.

If you or someone you care for need advice, there are Easy English resources and videos about family and domestic violence in Auslan available. These are aimed at frontline workers, but you may find them useful. You can find these as part of the Disability Support Toolkit on the 1800RESPECT website.

We also offer help if you or someone you know is experiencing family and domestic violence.

Page last updated: 9 June 2022.