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Assets test for pensions

The assets test helps us work out if you can get paid Age Pension, Carer Payment or Disability Support Pension. It also affects how much you'll get.


Superannuation is a long term savings structure to help fund your retirement.

  1. Disability Support Pension
  2. How much you can get

Payment rates for Disability Support Pension

How much Disability Support Pension (DSP) you can get depends on your situation.

Severe financial hardship provisions

We may reduce or waive your waiting period for a payment if you meet the severe financial hardship provisions.

  1. Asset types
  2. Gifting

How much you can gift

There is a limit to how much you can gift each year without affecting your payments from us.

  1. Living with disability
  2. Most useful information

Claim for Disability Support Pension form (SA466)

Use this form to claim for Disability Support Pension.

  1. Disability Support Pension
  2. Who can get it

Before claiming Disability Support Pension

We can help you work out if you may be able to get Disability Support Pension (DSP).

Asset types

Assets are property or items you or your partner own in full or part, or have an interest in. They can affect your payment.

  1. Disability Support Pension
  2. How to manage your payment

Prepare to transfer to Age Pension if you get Disability Support Pension

If you get Disability Support Pension and you're Age Pension age, you can apply to transfer to Age Pension.

Income streams

These are regular payments made from your superannuation fund, or purchased using either superannuation money or savings.

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