Digital claiming for aged care providers

A fast and secure way to submit events and claim aged care payments.

Using a digital claiming channel will save you time and help you get payments faster. It allows you to:

  • get accurate payments and related data on time
  • confirm straight away that we’ve received your information
  • no longer use and store paper forms
  • have your claim processed faster.

You can use our digital claiming channels to:

  • lodge individual care recipient events
  • submit monthly claims
  • make updates to events and claims you’ve submitted for care recipients in your care (within 2 years)
  • verify care recipient information
  • view and download payment information
  • check the processing status of events and claims you’ve submitted.
  • bulk report Commonwealth unspent amounts and access information about care recipients’ home care accounts if you’re a home care provider.

You can use one or both of these digital channels:

  1. Aged Care Provider Portal to make claims directly with us online.
  2. integrated business to government (B2G) software purchased through an independent software developer.

Integrated B2G software

You can use integrated software purchased through an independent software developer to claim with us.

Software developers integrate information and tools we provide into their own solution for signing and transmitting electronic data. If you choose to use integrated B2G software to claim with us, you need to use software we’ve approved.

Integrated B2G software is web services.

The cost of setting up the integrated software channel depends on the:

  • software products you need
  • size of your service
  • system infrastructure you have in place
  • software you use
  • staff training required
  • ongoing licence costs.

Read more about web services for digital health and aged care channels.

Page last updated: 28 June 2022.
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