Who can get it

You can get the supplement if you meet study rules and get certain payments from us or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

There are 2 other types of Pensioner Education Supplement (PES):

Payments from us

You may be eligible for Pensioner Education Supplement if you meet the study rules and get one of these payments:

Payments from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)

You may be eligible if you meet the study rules and get one of these from the DVA:

  • Invalidity Service Pension
  • Partner Service Pension and your partner gets an Invalidity Service Pension
  • Veteran Payment
  • Income Support Supplement
  • Carer Service Pension.

You can also get the supplement if you have a dependent child and get one of these:

  • Disability Compensation Payment including TPI
  • Special Rate Disability Pension
  • War Widow Pension or War Widower Pension
  • Ongoing Permanent Impairment Payments
  • Wholly Dependent Partner Payment.

Read more about the DVA benefits and payments on the DVA website.

Study rules

You meet the rules if you’re studying an approved course as a full time or part time student.

What types of courses are approved

You’re eligible if you’re studying any of these:

  • a secondary course
  • an undergraduate course
  • a graduate course
  • certain masters courses
  • a TAFE course
  • a diploma
  • a Startup Year course and getting a STARTUP-HELP loan.

You can read about Startup Year courses and the STARTUP-HELP loan on the Study Assist website.

Read about approved courses and institutions.

What full time or part time study is

You may study as a full time student or part time student. Part time study is at least 25% of a full time study load.

If you’re a part time student, you must meet one of the following to be eligible for a payment:

  • you’re a single parent with a dependent child under 16
  • you get Carer Payment
  • you have disability, illness or injury that affects your ability to study full time.

Eligible Students can get a VET Student Loan to access higher level VET qualifications.

Page last updated: 14 December 2023.
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