What you can do

You can use the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app to check and update your information.

Learn about how you can use the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

After you claim a payment through your Centrelink online account, you can:

  • track most claims
  • view your payments and transaction history
  • view, save and print your letters
  • upload or request documents
  • view your digital cards.

You can also use the app to manage your:

You can view and update your details using the app, including:

  • report and update your employment income
  • your family income estimate and payment choice
  • your personal details including your bank details
  • your employment status, if you’re a student, older Australian, carer or a parent getting Parenting Payment.

Report income in your language

You can report your income in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Persian (Farsi) and Chinese Simplified using the app. This option isn’t available in your Centrelink online account.

To report in one of the available languages, you need to change the language setting on your device before you report. You’ll only need to do this once.

For Apple iOS devices, follow these steps:

  • open Settings
  • select General
  • select Language and Region
  • select iPhone Language
  • Search for the language you want to change or select it from the list
  • Select Change to (language you chose)
  • exit Settings to go back to your home screen.

For Android devices, follow these steps:

  • open Settings
  • select General management
  • select Language
  • select Add a language
  • select the language from the list you want to change to
  • exit Settings to go back to your home screen.

Some steps may be different depending on the type of Android device you have.

Open the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app and sign in with your myGov PIN. The Report employment income service will show in the language you set on your device. The rest of the app will show in English. Use our guide to help you report your employment income using the app.

Upload documents

You can give us documents by uploading them online. This makes it easier to prove your identity, make a claim or update your information.

There are instructions to help you upload documents to Centrelink.

Request documents

Select More, then Request a document to request or download any of the following documents:

  • Centrelink statement
  • Deduction statement
  • Detailed income and asset statement
  • Home Equity Access Scheme statement
  • Income Management statement
  • Payment summary
  • Rent Certificate
  • Replacement concession card
  • Reporting statement, if you have reporting requirements
  • Settlement statement
  • Statement of debt.

When downloaded, you can save it to your Vault or device, share it or print it.

When you update your accommodation details online, we may ask you to give us a rent certificate. We’ll send you the certificate, which you’ll need to complete and return to us. It can take up to 48 hours for your certificate to become available in the Request a document service. It’ll be available after we apply the update to your record.

Payment destination

Select Profile to update the bank account where we send your Centrelink payments.

Change of circumstances

Select Profile to view or update your contact, relationship and family, financial and study details.

Create your voiceprint

You can use the app to create your voiceprint. A voiceprint is a quick and secure way to prove your identity when you call us.

If you get a notification, select the Assistant to create your voiceprint.

Page last updated: 18 April 2024.
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