What happens when your child turns 15

When your child turns 15, there are some changes for your and your child’s Medicare cards.

At 15, your child can:

Find out more about applying for a TFN on the Australian Taxation Office website.

They may also be able to get a job. They may also be able to get a job. If they do and you get FTB, it won't affect your rate. Read more about employment for teenagers and FTB.

Your child may also be eligible for Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

If you have a child with disability, you may continue to qualify for Child Care Subsidy until they’re 18. Read more about Child Care Subsidy.

Medicare card

When your child turns 15, they can get their own Medicare card.

A Medicare card gives them access to a range of medical services and prescriptions at a lower cost. They’ll also get free care as a patient in a public hospital.

Your child can choose to either:

  • transfer to their own card
  • stay on your card and copy to a new card.

If they choose to transfer to their own card, they’ll no longer be on your card.

If they choose to copy to a new card, they’ll stay active on your card and get their own card.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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