Travel outside Australia

There are rules about when you can get Double Orphan Pension when you travel outside Australia.

If you or the child leave Australia to live in another country, your payment will stop when you depart. This is unless you qualify for Double Orphan Pension under a social security agreement.

If you or your child travel for a short term, you’ll get your payment for up to 6 weeks. This includes if your child is studying outside Australia. After 6 weeks, your Double Orphan Pension will stop.

Your payment will also stop when you depart if all of these apply:

  • you or your child travel for more than 6 weeks
  • you return to Australia
  • you then leave again within 6 weeks of that return.

You may be able to get Double Orphan Pension for up to 3 years if you’re either:

  • a member of the Australian Defence Force deployed overseas
  • a member of the Australian Federal Police engaged in peacekeeping or capacity building activities overseas.
Page last updated: 29 June 2023.
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