Redundancy information for employers

We can help you provide support and information to staff facing redundancy or retrenchment.

Your obligations

If you're considering redundancy or retrenchment of 15 or more staff, you need to give us written notification. You need to copy the details of the Notice to Services Australia of proposed dismissals document to your company's letterhead in Microsoft Word format, including all of the following:

  • the name of your company
  • the registered address
  • the number of affected staff and employment types.

Submit your notification

Fill in the form in Microsoft Word format and submit it to the Third Party Contact Centre of our National Business Gateway.

If you need help, call the Third Party Contact Centre line.

Support for employers

Our National Business Gateway makes it easier for Australian businesses to do business with us. The Third Party Contact Centre offers help when retrenching staff.

Our Financial Information Service can help your affected staff. We can organise information sessions that can help your staff facing redundancy with investment and financial concerns.

You can request an information session when you either:

If you call us, say Financial Information Service when prompted.

Support for your staff

Tell your affected staff to call our Employment services line and register for employment services. We can help them even if they aren't eligible for payments. This includes access to all of the following:

  • employment services
  • income support payments
  • social workers.

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Page last updated: 2 March 2022