Visiting the Netherlands

The Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) we have with the Netherlands may cover some of your medical costs in the Netherlands public health system.

To be eligible it must be:

  • essential care that can’t wait till you get home
  • within 12 months after you arrive - in some cases you may be able to extend this.

What’s covered

The agreement covers hospital care which includes:

  • specialist care
  • nursing
  • prescription medicine, a full or part refund
  • transport, a part refund for ambulance or taxi travel to get urgent care
  • paramedics
  • childbirth.

It also covers care from doctors which includes:

  • GPs
  • specialists
  • psychiatrists, if you’re 18 or older.

What it doesn’t cover

The agreement doesn’t cover:

  • staying in a comfort or single room in hospital unless it’s essential
  • non-specialist dental care if you’re 18 or older
  • psychiatric care if you’re under 18
  • repatriation costs - costs associated with sending you back to your home country.

Your travel insurance may cover these and other extra costs.

What to do

Get a certificate of eligibility

To get a certificate of eligibility, fill in the Application form for an A111 Certificate of Eligibility form. You’ll also need copies of your current passport and Medicare card. Post all 3 documents to:

Zilveren Kruis
Groep Buitenlands Recht
Postbus 650
7300 AR APELDOORN Netherlands

You can do this when you arrive in the Netherlands or before you leave home.

To get free care

If you go to a doctor that works with the health department Zilveren Kruis, show your A111 certificate. You won’t need to pay.

To find a doctor that works with Zilveren Kruis:

To get a refund for care

You may need to pay a bill if you:

  • go to a doctor who’s not with Zilveren Kruis
  • don’t show an A111 certificate.

You can get a refund by sending Zilveren Kruis:

Post the documents to:

Zilveren Kruis
Groep Buitenlands Recht
Postbus 650
7300 AR APELDOORN Netherlands

If you have questions call +31 (0)33 445 6870

Page last updated: 17 November 2022.
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