Re-entering the workforce

Getting back to work after a long break can be challenging. Here are tips and resources to help you move back into the workforce.

It can take time to find the right job, so be patient, consider your goals and limitations, and be flexible.

Know your skills

You may feel your skills are out of date and you’ve lost touch with the industry. But you already have skills to offer. You may just need help selling them to employers.

If you’re not sure what your career strengths are, the myfuture website may be helpful. It can help you plan your career pathway and manage your transition into a new career.

The Skills Match tool on the Job Outlook website can give you ideas for new jobs that use your skills.

If you get Parenting Payment, ParentsNext can help you plan and prepare for employment.

Retraining, studying or upskilling

We can support you if you choose to:

  • start an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • retrain in a new industry.

Read more about retraining and the help that’s available.

Tailor your application

Tailor your resume for each job you apply for. This can make you stand out from others who apply.

Visit the Workforce Australia website and learn how to write a resume and cover letter.

If you have a Workforce Australia provider, they can also help you:

  • write a resume
  • prepare for interviews
  • get skills that local employers need.

Another resource is the Job Jumpstart website. It has practical tips on tailoring job searches to employers you want to work for.

Work-life balance

Making sure you balance your new job and personal life can make re-entering the workforce easier.

Most employers will consider flexible work arrangements if you have caring responsibilities. You’ll need to talk to them about the working hours and conditions you need.

We can help cover the cost of approved child care through Child Care Subsidy.

If you’re moving from income support into a job, you may be eligible for either:

These give some families extra help with child care fees.

We pay these subsidies to your child care provider to reduce the fees you pay.

Page last updated: 4 July 2022.
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