Providing attendance and enrolment details

Education and board providers need to submit information about ABSTUDY students online by different key dates.

What details we need

By different key dates throughout the year you need to give us either:

  • attendance details for students at your secondary school who live at home
  • start dates for your boarding students when you respond to payment on advice requests (POA).

We need these details to make sure we pay the right amount of ABSTUDY to students, boarding schools and hostels.

Attendance details

We need attendance details to work out if we can pay ABSTUDY School Term Allowance for students who live at home. Students need to have 85% attendance in the previous term to be eligible.

Start dates and POA responses

We pay ABSTUDY to boarding providers as 2 boarding instalments each school term. To pay you the first instalment, we need to know the exact date an ABSTUDY student both:

  • starts boarding at your school or hostel for the first time
  • starts each term as a boarder at your school or hostel.

Students must start school by the third Friday of the term to get the full amount of ABSTUDY. We may also pay the full amount in exceptional circumstances.

How to provide details

We’ll email you a One Time Access Code (OTAC) when we need these details. You need to use your OTAC to log on and submit the details online using the Education Institutions eService.

You may also need to give us other information by phone or email at other times during the year.

Our fact sheet tells you the best ways to contact us. You can download or print this fact sheet:

What the key dates are

Find out this year’s deadlines for providing ABSTUDY start dates and attendance details:

What to do if the information you give us changes

You need to tell us immediately about any changes to information you’ve provided through the Education Institutions eService.

You can do this by calling the National Business Gateway line and selecting the ABSTUDY option.

You can also send us the following completed forms:

Page last updated: 27 October 2022.
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