Payment statements for Residential Care subsidy

You can view and print your monthly payment statements with details of the Australian Government subsidy for your clients who receive residential care.

Each monthly payment statement shows the subsidies and supplements paid to you for people who received your respite or permanent care services.

You can view and print your monthly payment statement on the Aged Care Provider Portal. If you submit a paper claim, we’ll send you a printed payment statement with your new claim form.

How to access your payment statements in the Aged Care Provider Portal

You can access payment statement information using any of the following options:

  • Select the menu, then either Service payment summary or Care recipient’s itemised payments.
  • Select Service payment summaries from the Quick links menu on the home page.
  • View a Payment statement summary for a specific month by selecting the relevant month under Payment summaries on the home page.
  • From the claim or payment statements screen, select the Payments statement, then either Service payment summary or Care recipient’s itemised payments.

Learn more about how to use your payment statement on the Health Professional Education Resources Gateway.

How to view and understand your payment statement

Your payment statement includes the following sections:

1. Service Payment Summary

The service payment summary shows care recipient’s subsidies, supplements, adjustments and advances. These contribute to the total amount paid to you for the month.

The subtotal applies any adjustments, refunds and reductions to the total subsidy and supplements amount. We’ve subtracted any advances or outstanding balances from previous months from the subtotal. This gives you the overall due or held over amount.

A held over amount occurs if the net effect of the calculations results in a negative amount. This amount becomes an outstanding balance, which we’ll recover from you in the next claim cycle.

2. Care Recipients’ Itemised Payments

This outlines all the care recipient’s payments. It includes:

  • calculations for the current claim
  • any adjustments and the period they relate to
  • payments made for the care recipient, including the current period and any previous period adjustments
  • unpaid and reduced payments for leave the care recipient has taken
  • care recipient’s total paid care days for the month.

3. Care Recipient Details

This outlines all the care recipient’s details. It includes:

  • entry and departure dates
  • details of the approved level of care
  • Aged Care Funding Instrument reappraisal dates
  • compensation entitlements that may affect payments
  • remaining leave days, noting leave days reset on 1 July each year.

4. Subsidy Classification

Subsidy Classification outlines the subsidy paid for each assessment level.

5. Respite Care and Incentive Summary

The Respite Care and Incentive Summary outlines the respite care allocation for the service, as well as care usage and the year to date totals.

6. Supported Resident Ratio

This section shows a daily breakdown of the Supported Resident Ratio. The ratio of supported residents is in two sections:

  • The supported resident ratio outlines the ratio for permanent care recipients in your care on the specific day. This applies to those who fall under Pre-2008, Post-2008 or Post-2014 schemes and are Concessional, Assisted; or Supported, or Low Means.
  • The new supported resident ratio outlines the total number of permanent care recipients in your care on the specific day who meet eligibility and admission criteria. It applies to those determined to be Post-2008 CRs (Post-2008 or Post-2014 scheme) and Supported, or Low Means.

To receive the full accommodation supplement, over 40% of residents must be Supported or Low Means care recipients..

If a service doesn’t meet the supported resident ratio, the accommodation supplement payable is reduced by 25% each day..

7. Supported Resident Ratio Adjustments

This section will only be available if an adjustment is required to the supported resident ratio for a previous claim period.

8. Payment Statement Notes

The section shows any relevant notes and adjustments for the service.

Learn more about your Residential Care Payment statement on the Health Professionals Education Resources Gateway.

Other payment information


We make adjustments if there’s a reported event or change of circumstance that happened in a previous claim period. Adjustments can include:

  • leave events
  • a change in the level of care before 27 February 2017
  • changes in means test information
  • changes to eligibility for supplements, for example Dementia and Cognition Supplement, Veterans’ Supplement, Oxygen and Enteral Feeding Supplement or Viability Supplement.

An adjustment is a payment or recovery amount applied to a service. It can be a one-off payment or recovery, or applied over a number of claim months.

The Adjustment Claim Period shows the month and year we made the adjustment. It’s applied to the amount due for your care recipient to give a total credit amount. This can be positive or negative.

The payment statement can show an Original Entitlement for the same period as the Adjustment Entitlement. The Original Entitlement reverses the original amount paid, and the Adjustment Entitlement applies the correct amount. The difference is the adjusted amount. It appears in the payment summary as adjustments for previous claim periods.


Advances are only made for subsidy and supplements for all care types except Home Care.

We base advances on the claim 2 months before the current month. It’s multiplied by days in the current month divided by days in the month.

For example, an August advance is the June claim multiplied by 31/30.

Home care does not receive advances, only residential care providers.

Page last updated: 1 October 2022.
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