What is PRODA for web services

Information about PRODA for web services for digital health and aged care channels.

Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is an online authentication system. PRODA verifies your identity online and allows you to securely access multiple government online services.

You may need to access web services compatible software using PRODA.

Find out how to register for a PRODA account.

Why we’re moving to PRODA

We collect and handle the private health information of the Australian public through our digital claiming and data channels. We take this responsibility seriously.

This change represents our commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers when handling their private information.

What are the benefits of PRODA

There are a number of benefits with moving to PRODA including:

  • It’ll provide a higher level of security than the current PKI technology
  • It’s fully digital and portable across web enabled devices
  • It doesn’t need additional hardware or software installed, unlike the current PKI technology
  • Your individual PRODA account doesn’t expire. If you change your employer you keep the same PRODA account because it belongs to you as an individual.

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Page last updated: 4 August 2020