Submit an Employment Separation Certificate online

Employers can submit an Employment Separation Certificate online using Centrelink Business Online Services.

You need to register with Centrelink Business Online Services to submit an Employment Separation Certificate. Once registered, you will receive a User ID and password enabling you to log on and access the services.

We use the Employment Separation Certificate to ensure we pay our customer the right amount from the right date. It lets us know when an employee no longer works for you, or has reduced their hours. If requested, you’ll need to complete the certificate within 14 days. You can do it online or use a paper form.

Read more about Employment Separation Certificates including using a paper form.

Step 1: log on

Log on to Centrelink Business Online Services.

Select Employment Separation Certificate from the Welcome page.

employment separation certificates screen

Step 2: the details of your employee

Enter the employee’s details then select Submit.

We use the information you provide to link to our customer records. You must have the employee’s surname, date of birth, gender and home address to begin the search.

Customer search page

Select Information for Employers from the Action Required drop down list, then select Continue.

Match customer results page

Step 3: your business details

Read and understand the conditions for reporting the Employment Separation Certificate online, then select Agree.

Information page Select Employment Separation Certificate from the Action Required drop down list, then select Continue.

Action required page

Select Continue, if your business details are correct.

You may need to provide more information if our records are incomplete. We must have your business name, address and a contact person before you can continue.

Employer details page

Step 4: enter the employment separation details

Enter the date range for the employee’s time working with your business. Select a Reason for separation from the drop down list and then select Continue.

Seperation details page

We provide a number of Reasons for separation you can choose from. You must provide more information about the separation if the reason for separation you choose is 1 of the following:

  • Unsatisfactory work performance
  • Misconduct as an employee
  • Employee ceasing work voluntarily
  • Other.

Reason for seperation page

Enter the final payments made to the employee, then select Continue.

Seperation payment details page

Step 5: confirm and submit Employment Separation Certificate

We'll provide a summary of the information you've provided.

Read the summary and choose 1 of these options:

  • Confirm your acceptance and understanding of the declaration, then select Submit if the information is correct.
  • Select Back to return to a previous section and adjust incorrect information.
  • Select Cancel to cancel the process completely.

Seperation confirmation page

We'll match the details you provide to our records and we’ll update the employee’s record.

Select Close service to return to your Welcome page.

Technical difficulties

Contact the National Business Gateway helpdesk if you experience technical difficulties.

If you call, make sure you have all of the following information:

  • your business’ name
  • your User Identification
  • contact name and phone number or email address
  • description of the problem you are experiencing.

Page last updated: 9 April 2021