How to access

For authorised business users applying for services.

To access Business Hub and apply for services, you and your business must authenticate via Provider Digital Access (PRODA).

New business customers

To register a business or organisation in PRODA, you must be either of the following:

This person is responsible for registering the business using their individual PRODA account.

If your business has an existing PRODA account you don’t need to register again to access Business Hub.

Follow the steps below or download a detailed guide on how to register your business in Business Hub.

Step 1 – Create an individual PRODA account

Confirm you’re listed on the ABR as an associate or authorised person with access to your ABR details. Create an individual PRODA account.

Step 2 - Register your business

Once you’ve created your individual account, you can register your business or organisation in PRODA.

Log in to PRODA, and follow these steps:

  1. Select Organisations from the menu.
  2. Select Register New Organisation.
  3. Your organisation details must exactly match the details on your ABR record.

Step 3 – Link to Business Hub

Once you’ve registered the business:

  1. Select Organisations from the menu.
  2. Select Service Provider.
  3. Link to Business Hub.

Step 4 – Access Business Hub

Once you log in to PRODA you can access Business Hub by selecting Services.

Select the service you wish to use or apply for in Business Hub.

You can log in to Business Hub using your PRODA Username and Password.

Log in

Existing business customers

Your business may already be in the PRODA registry. If it is, and you’re responsible for applying for a service in Business Hub,  you’ll need to do 1 of 2 things.

You can join the business in PRODA. You can do this if you’re an associate or authorised contact on the ABR record and link to Business Hub. Or contact the person in your business who registered your business in PRODA.

Contact our PRODA helpdesk if you need help.

Page last updated: 29 June 2023.
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