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Nov 2023

Medicare benefit scams

Scammers are contacting people by text message and email pretending to be from Medicare.

Oct 2023

We’ve paused recovery of debts that may be affected by income apportionment

Income apportionment ended on 7 December 2020. The debts we’ve paused recovery on relate to income earned prior to this.

Oct 2023

Public Holiday closure - Christmas and New Year

Your Centrelink payment and reporting dates may change due to the upcoming public holidays.

Oct 2023

People returning from Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories can apply for payments and support

If you're an Australian citizen or permanent resident fleeing the conflict in Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories, we can help when you return to Australia.

  1. Living with disability
  2. Getting support

Disability safety

Information and resources to help with your safety if you’re living with disability, or care for a person with disability.

  1. Community groups
  2. Community resources and help

Disability Support Pension resources for community groups

Resources to help you share information about Disability Support Pension (DSP), including a DSP Easy Read guide, factsheets and more.

  1. Non-medical rules
  2. Income and assets tests

Income test for Disability Support Payment

Your income can reduce how much we pay you. We use the pension income test to assess Disability Support Pension (DSP).

  1. Non-medical rules
  2. Income and assets tests

Assets test for Disability Support Pension

The assets test helps us work out if you can get paid Disability Support Pension. It also affects how much you'll get.

  1. Living with disability
  2. Participating in the community

Disability champion videos

Watch videos featuring our Disability Champions who share their stories and achievements with us.

  1. Disability Support Pension
  2. How to claim

Starting your claim for Disability Support Pension early

You can start a claim for Disability Support Pension early. This can be up to 13 weeks before you turn 16.

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