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Severe financial hardship for Crisis Payment

For the purposes of Crisis Payment, you’re in severe financial hardship if you meet certain criteria.

Income test for JobSeeker Payment

Your or your partner’s income can reduce how much we pay you.

  1. Recently unemployed
  2. Getting a payment

Claiming a payment from us if you’re looking for a job

You can claim a payment from us online, if you’re looking for a job. You can do this by registering your Digital Identity.

Advance payment

You may get part of your income support payment or Family Tax Benefit (Part A) early. This is an advance payment. You pay it back later out of your payments from us.


Deeming rules are used to work out income from your financial assets. We add this to your other income and apply the income test to work out your payment rate.

Proving your identity in person for a Centrelink payment

How to prove who you are in person at a service centre.

  1. Top payments
  2. Rent Assistance

How much Rent Assistance you can get

The amount of Rent Assistance you can get depends on how much rent you pay.

  1. Recently unemployed
  2. Most useful information

Seasonal, Contract and Intermittent Work Details form (SU496)

Use this form to tell us about any seasonal, contract or intermittent work you or your partner has done in the 6 months prior to claiming an income support payment.

  1. Recently unemployed
  2. Most useful information

Employment Separation Certificate form (SU001)

You can ask your previous employer to use this form to certify important employment information about you.

  1. Top payments
  2. JobSeeker Payment

How much JobSeeker Payment you can get

We pay JobSeeker Payment every 2 weeks. The amount you get depends on your personal situation.

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