Getting other help

We have other support services you can use while we process your claim. These can also help if you’re not eligible for a payment.

It can take some time for us to process your claim for a payment. If you need help while waiting, there are services that can help with food and shelter.

Find help in your area

While you’re waiting to get a payment from us, check out the AskIzzy website. It’s free and anonymous to search for housing, meals, health care and more in your area.

Access help from your state or territory government

Your state or territory government may offer help to reduce your cost of living. They may also be able to link you to housing support. The following links take you away from our website.

State or territory Resources
ACT Use the ACT Government Savings Finder tool to find out how to save on everyday costs.
Find information about homes and housing in Canberra. This includes community emergency and temporary housing.
NSW Use the Service NSW Savings Finder tool to find rebates and savings.
Access housing information for NSW residents. This includes applying for housing assistance and other housing services.
NT Visit NT.GOV.AU to find concessions on essential goods and services.
Access information on NT public housing and other housing services.
Qld Visit the Queensland Government cost of living support website to search for concessions and rebates.
Access information on public and community housing in Queensland.
SA Use the SA.GOV.AU concession finder to help with household and other expenses. You can also access information about financial aid.
Access information about public and community housing, including how to register.
Tas Use the Tasmanian Government discounts and concessions website to find what you’re eligible for.
Visit Housing Connect for housing and support in Tasmania.
Vic Visit the Victorian Government concessions and benefits page for help with living costs.
Access information about housing solutions in Victoria.
WA The ConcessionsWA website can help you find rebates and concessions.
Find information about public housing in WA.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021