Payments and services for Australian Apprentices

If you’re an Australian Apprentice, you may be eligible for payment or some extra help.

Who we define as an Australian Apprentice

An Australian Apprentice is someone who is both:

The payments and services on this page only apply to Australian Apprentices who meet this definition.

Payments and services for Australian Apprentices

Use our payment and service finder

The best first step you can take is to use our Payment and Service finder.

Help with living costs

Check if you’re eligible for 1 of these payments:

  • Youth Allowance is a payment if you’re 24 or younger and studying, an Australian Apprentice, looking for work or sick
  • Austudy is financial help if you’re a student or an Australian Apprentice, 25 or older
  • ABSTUDY is a group of payments for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students or Australian Apprentices.

Help with rent and health care

You may also get:

Help if you’re sick, injured or living with disability

If you’re sick or injured

Call the Youth and students line if you get an injury or short term illness that means you can’t work or study. We can update your circumstances and discuss your options.

Financial help if you’re living with disability

Youth Disability Supplement is an extra payment for eligible Australian Apprentices with disability. You may get it if you're all of the following:

  • are younger than 22
  • are getting an eligible payment
  • have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability that prevents you from working at least 30 hours per week.

More help and information

Australian Apprenticeships has up to date information for Apprentices. If you’re thinking of doing an apprenticeship, it can help you work out options.

You can use Payment and Service Finder to find help in your local area. It also has information and help from local organisations.

My Skills is the national directory of Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisations and courses. It lets you search for, and compare, courses and providers.

MoneySmart can help you make the most of your money. Read the Student loans section on the MoneySmart website.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2020