Income reporting

How much you or your partner earn affects your payment. We need to know what you both earn so we can pay you the right amount.

We’ll close on Friday 25 December, Monday 28 December and Tuesday 29 December 2020 for Christmas. We’ll also close on Friday 1 January 2021 for the New Year holiday. Read about public holiday closures, reporting and payment arrangements.
If your reporting date falls between 7 and 18 December 2020, you may need to make a one-off calculation. Read more about what to do if your reporting date falls between these dates.

From 7 December 2020, the way you report is changing. Read more about the changes to the way you report your employment income.

Employment income affects your payment from us. To make sure we’re paying you the right amount, we need you to report you and your partner’s income.

When you get a payment from us, you need to know:

  • what to report
  • when to report
  • how to report.

You can get reminders to report to make sure you report your income.

You must report your income to us to avoid getting a debt.

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Page last updated: 13 November 2020