How to use

Learn how to use Business Hub to access services.

You can log in to Business Hub using your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) username and password.

Once you log in, you can access services and manage personnel.

Access services

You can access the following online services to update information:

Asking a question

If you need help, select Ask a question from the bottom of the Business Hub homepage. Our virtual assistant will answer a question or direct you to a user guide.

Managing personnel

Personnel are individual employees from your business with access to services in Business Hub.

All personnel must have their own individual PRODA account. Personnel may act on behalf of multiple businesses from their individual PRODA account.

Your business will need to identify at least one access manager in Business Hub. This person is responsible for managing who in your business has access to services in Business Hub.

If you need access to Business Hub services, talk to your access manager. You’ll need to give them your verified PRODA Registration Authority (RA) number.

If your business transitions from Centrelink Business Online Services you may not have an access manager. If so, your business will need to contact us.

A Business Hub access manager can:

  • add or remove personnel
  • add and remove roles that determine what services personnel can use on behalf of the business
  • manage their own access to services
  • assign the access manager role to other authorised representatives of the business.

What roles apply

The roles you can allocate depends on the services your business is approved for. These include:

RoleDescription of role
Authorised officer

Manages system access for personnel using Business Hub services on behalf of the organisation.

This includes the authority to manage access managers.

The authorised officer can also delegate the authorised officer role to other personnel.

Contact officerThe person you identify to act as a key contact on behalf of the organisation.
Access manager

Manages system access for personnel using Business Hub services on behalf of your organisation, except for the authorised officer role.

Access managers can also delegate the access manager role to other personnel.

Update organisation detailsAccess to update the organisation’s physical or postal address.
Online correspondencePerson that will receive letters on behalf of the organisation.

How to add or remove personnel

To add, edit or remove personnel follow these steps:

  1. Log in to PRODA.
  2. Select the Business Hub tile.
  3. Select Organisation.
  4. Select Manage personnel and make your updates.

How personnel can update their details

  1. Personnel can update their contact email and phone number for Business Hub by following these steps. We will use this to contact you about Business Hub services.
  2. Log in to PRODA.
  3. Select the Business Hub tile.
  4. Select My profile from your name in the header.
  5. Enter your details and select Submit.

This will not update the details in your individual PRODA account. You will need to log in to PRODA and update your details separately.

Page last updated: 20 March 2024.
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