Customer Information Release service

You can ask us to release some Centrelink customer information securely using the Customer Information Release service.

How to apply

You need to have access to Business Hub before you can apply for the Customer Information Release service.

Once you get access to Business Hub, the authorised representative of your organisation needs to apply for Customer Release Information service.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Log in to PRODA.
  2. Select Business Hub.
  3. Select Apply for service, then select Apply for Customer Information Release.
  4. Enter the following details of your organisation:
    • Australian Business Registry (ABR) details
    • business name and address
    • personnel details. You must have at least one person listed to manage personnel. You must add other personnel before you can remove the original personnel.
  5. Read the full declaration and acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the Information Release Service terms and conditions and select Next.

How to request customer information

You can use the Customer Information Release service in Business Hub to request some customer information.

You can request the following information:

  • Centrelink payment information
  • Centrelink earnings information
  • Centrelink medical certificate information
  • Job Capacity Assessments (JCA)
  • Employment Services Assessment reports (ESAt).

Follow these steps to request customer information:

  1. Log in to PRODA.
  2. Select Business Hub.
  3. Select Customer Information Release service, then select Add.
  4. Enter the following details to identify the customer:
    • customer’s name and date of birth
    • customer’s or authorised representative’s consent
    • the document type and date range you want to request.
  5. The customer or authorised representative must consent or decline to releasing the information to the organisation for secure download.

The customer or authorised representative can request other types of Centrelink information. They can do this by completing the Authority to release personal information - personal injury, insurance, superannuation or other matter form (SI039) and emailing it to

Read more about Personal information release for customers.

How to view customer information requests

Once you submit your request for customer information using the Customer Information Release service, you can view the status and results of your request.

Follow these steps to view the customer information you requested:

  1. Log in to PRODA.
  2. Select Business Hub.
  3. Select Customer Information Release service.
  4. Select View to see a list of your information release requests and their status


The meaning of following statuses are:

  • Open means you’ve submitted the request and it is pending action by the customer or our staff.
  • Information Released means the customer gave consent, the request is complete, and the information is ready to download for 30 days.
  • Closed means we released the information and the 30 days to download the information has passed. You will need to submit another request if you have not downloaded the information within these 30 days.
  • Cancelled means we cancelled the request. This could be because:
    • we could not match the request to a customer record
    • there was no consent to release the information
    • no information exists for the requested date range
    • it is not safe to release the information
    • you or the customer asked to cancel the request.
  • Requester action required means the request requires action from the TPO staff member who started the request.

If you need help, select Ask a question from the bottom of your Business Hub homepage to ask the virtual assistant a question.

If you need more information about Business Hub and the customer information release service, email our Business Hub helpdesk at the National Business Gateway or call 131 158.

Page last updated: 5 January 2024.
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