Customer Information Release service

You can ask us to release some Centrelink customer information securely using the Customer Information Release service.

What you can request

You can use the Customer Information Release service to request:

  • Centrelink payment information
  • Centrelink earnings information
  • Centrelink medical certificate information
  • Job Capacity Assessments (JCA)
  • Employment Services Assessment reports (ESAt).

If you need other Centrelink customer information, the customer or authorised representative needs to complete an Authority to release personal information - personal injury, insurance, superannuation or other matter form.

Read more about Personal information release for customers.

How to apply

You need to have access to Business Hub before you can apply for the Customer Information Release service.

Once you get access to Business Hub, the authorised representative of your organisation needs to follow these steps to apply for the Customer Release Information service:

  1. Log in to PRODA.
  2. Select Business Hub.
  3. Select Apply for service, then select Apply for Customer Information Release.
  4. Enter or review your organisation’s Australian Business Registry (ABR) details, business name and address, and personnel details.
  5. Read the full declaration and acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the Customer Information Release Service terms and conditions.

Personnel details

You must have at least one person listed to manage personnel. When you assign roles to your personnel you should select these common combinations of access roles for this service:

  • Access Manager, to manage access roles for personnel using Business Hub on behalf of the organisation, and Online Information Release Service Admin, to view and manage the organisation’s requests for customer information.
  • Online Information Release Service Requester, to submit and manage their own requests for customer information on behalf of the organisation, and Online Correspondence, to receive letters about the organisation’s requests for customer information.

How to request customer information

Your organisation’s personnel need to follow these steps to request customer information.

  1. Log in to PRODA.
  2. Select Business Hub.
  3. Select Customer Information Release service, then select Add.
  4. Enter the customer’s first name, last name and date of birth into the Customer details screen for customer identity security purposes.
    If you don’t enter suitable information the request will cancel. If possible, enter the customer’s CRN. Do not include spaces at the end of the name field.
  5. Select Yes or No to the consent questions. The customer or authorised representative must consent or decline to releasing the information to the organisation for secure download.

    Select Yes if the customer or their Centrelink Nominee can provide consent. They must do this using their Centrelink online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app within 30 days of your request or the request will cancel. Then select Next.

    Select No to the consent question if they can’t.

    If you can give consent on the customer’s behalf, for example because they are incarcerated, deceased or don’t have internet access, select No. Select Yes at the next question. You will need to upload evidence of this authority at step 7.

    If you select No to the first and second question, do not select Yes to question 3 or the request will cancel.

  6. Select the information types and enter the date range you want to request.

    If you request the customer’s JCA and ESAt information, we will check the information first to ensure it is safe to release the information. We base this on advice the medical professional provided to us when they did the assessment.

  7. If you’re consenting on behalf of the customer at step 5 by selecting No and then Yes, select Upload to submit Evidence of Relationship documents.

    Select Find files to search for the document. Select Upload and merge to upload the documents.

    Select Cancel to return to the previous page.

    We will release the information to you if the evidence meets the consent requirements.

  8. Press Submit. We will release the information to you if we have consent and it is safe to release the information. If we can't release the information to you, you will need to complete a Freedom of Information request for the customer’s personal information.
    If the request is cancelled, it will show as open in Business Hub for 45 days.

Evidence of relationship documents

This must be a copy of a certified legal document confirming yours or the organisation’s authority to enquire or act on the customer’s behalf. For example, a Power of Attorney or Will.

The legal document must have all the following:

  • the customer’s first and surname, date of birth and address
  • the authorised person’s first and surname or organisation’s name, phone number and address
  • statement confirming the customer or court has authorised the person or organisation named to enquire or act on their behalf
  • signature and date from the customer or court within the last 12 months
  • customer’s initials for any changes to the documentation.

How to view requests for customer information

Once you submit your request for customer information using the Customer Information Release service, you can view the status and results of your request.

Follow these steps to view the customer information you requested:

  1. Log in to PRODA.
  2. Select Business Hub.
  3. Select Customer Information Release service, then select View to see a list of your information release requests and their status. If you know the Request ID, the customer’s family name or the date you created the request, you can use the Filter field to view the request.

If the status for an information release request is:

  • Open, you’ve submitted the request and it is pending action by the customer or our staff.
  • Information Released, the request is complete and the information is ready to download for 30 days.
  • Closed, we released the information and the 30 days to download the information has passed.
  • Cancelled, we cancelled the request. This could be because:
    • the individual does not have a Centrelink record, or we could not locate the customer’s Centrelink record with the information you provided
    • we did not receive suitable authority to release the information
    • you or the customer requested the cancellation of this request for information.
  • Requester action required, the request requires action from the organisation’s staff member who started the request.

If you need help, select Ask a question from the bottom of your Business Hub homepage to ask the virtual assistant a question.

If you need more information about Business Hub and the customer information release service, email or call the National Business Gateway.

Page last updated: 9 May 2024.
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