How to use the portal

Information and resources to help you use the Aged Care Provider Portal.

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Accessing information

You can use the portal to access event, claim or payment data from the last 24 months.

If a provider logged a care recipient’s event using a paper form more than 24 months ago, it may not show in the portal. This includes entry, leave and departure events.

Which care recipient ID to use

To help you identify a care recipient’s history, you’ll see up to 3 different kinds of care recipient IDs in the portal.

If you’re a residential aged care provider, you’ll need to use the Care Recipient (CR) ID when searching for a care recipient and when you contact us. You may need to add the CR ID to your records.

Uploading files

You can update your service’s bank details using the Application to add or change approved care service’s bank details form. You can upload your completed form in the portal. To avoid payment delays, make sure you’ve included the correct bank account and BSB numbers.

You can also register events for and submit the following forms and supporting documents in the portal:

To avoid payment delays, make sure you have all your documents ready when registering events. This includes completed forms and medical evidence where required.

If you’re a Home Care Package provider, you can import files in the portal. You can do this to submit invoice amounts and report Commonwealth unspent amounts for multiple care recipients at once.

If you can’t submit events using business to government (B2G) software, you’ll need to submit events (like ACFIs) through the portal.

2 year variation rule for current care recipients

There’s a 2 year limit to change an event through the portal after the end of a payment period. Read more about the 2 year variation rule.

70 day limit for departed care recipients in Home Care

If you’re a Home Care Package provider, you have 70 days to make any care event changes after a person departs your care. This excludes invoice amounts that can’t be changed. Read more about managing departures and the 70 day limit.

Health Professional Education Resources

You can get more help using the Aged Care Provider Portal on the Health Professionals Education Resources website.

Page last updated: 16 October 2023.
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