How to set up your account

To do your business with us online, create a myGov account and link to Medicare.

You need to sign in through myGov to set up and use your Medicare online account.

Follow these steps to get online.

Step 1: check you’re enrolled in Medicare

You need to be enrolled in Medicare to set up your online account. If you have a Medicare card or number, you’re already enrolled. If you don’t, find out how to enrol.

Step 2: sign in through myGov

You need to sign in through myGov and link Medicare to create your online account.

If you already have a myGov account:

Sign in to myGov

If you don’t have one, learn how to create a myGov account on the myGov website.

Step 3: link Medicare to your myGov account

After you sign in to myGov, select View and link services and the Medicare link button.

We’ll ask you some questions to make sure it’s you. It’ll take about 10 minutes and you’ll need your Medicare card.

We may ask questions about your last visit to your doctor such as the:

  • date of your visit
  • location of the medical practice
  • name of your doctor.

You’ll know you’re set up when you can see Medicare as a linked service on your myGov homepage.

If you need help you can do any of the following:

Step 4: download our app

When you have your Medicare online account, you can use our Express Plus Medicare mobile app. The app makes it easier to manage Medicare and claim online.

Find out more about the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

Page last updated: 6 December 2022.
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