How much you can get

Information about how much you can get, how we pay and why it won’t count as income.

Payment rate

The 2023-24 payment rate for CAPS is up to $676.50 per person.

This payment doesn’t add to your taxable income and doesn’t prevent you from getting other payments from us.

You can choose how often you get your CAPS payment. We can pay either:

  • an annual payment, we’ll pay you in July at the start of each financial year
  • a bi-annual payment, we’ll pay you in July and January each year.

Your first payment may be outside of the regular payment period, depending on when you apply for CAPS. If this happens, we’ll pay a prorated portion of your payment to bring it inline with your selected payment frequency.

For example, if you apply in October and choose a bi-annual payment, we’ll pay a prorated portion of the regular CAPS payment. Your next full payment will be in January.

Payment options

We can pay into your choice of Australian bank account. It can’t be a credit card, loan or mortgage account.

The account can belong to either:

  • yourself
  • the custodial parent of a child getting CAPS
  • your legal or authorised nominee.

For us to pay a custodial parent of a child getting CAPS, the child must be either:

  • under 14
  • under 18 and not able to act on their own behalf.

A legal or authorised nominee can be:

  • someone with the person’s power of attorney
  • the person’s legal guardian
  • a public trustee
  • the person’s Centrelink payment nominee
  • their Department of Veterans’ Affairs trustee or agent
  • someone the Department of Health and Aged Care agrees is a responsible person
  • an organisation that helps the person buy continence products.

We’ll let you or your nominee know each time we pay you.

If your bank account details change, you need to either:

You can read more about how to manage your payment.

Page last updated: 17 October 2023.
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