Dependent or independent

If you apply for ABSTUDY, we’ll assess you as being dependent or independent for payment.

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Check if you’re dependent or independent.


You’re dependent if you’re 21 or younger and aren’t independent. If you’re dependent, we’ll use 1 of these tests to work out how much you can get:


If you’re 22 or older, we’ll treat you as permanently independent. If you’re younger than 22, you may be permanently independent or your independence may be reviewable.

Permanent independent means you’ll always be independent. Reviewable independent means if your circumstances change, you might be dependent again.

If you’re independent, we’ll work out how much money you can get using 1 or more of the following tests:

If you’re independent, your parents’ or guardians’ income won’t affect your payment.

You’re not independent just because you don’t live with your parents or guardians, or they don’t support you.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022.
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