Other payments

If you get another payment from us, you may also get the Assistance for Isolated Children payment.

You get Assistance for Isolated Children if you also get any of the following payments:

You can't get Assistance for Isolated Children payments for a student who gets any of then following payments:

Some students turning 16 years of age may be eligible for assistance under the Away from Home rate of Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY instead of this scheme and Family Tax Benefit.

Families who get Assistance for Isolated Children and Family Tax Benefit generally get more from these payments compared to the Youth Allowance Away from Home rate and Rent Assistance.

Students at primary or ungraded level getting Disability Support Pension or Parenting Payment single may get Assistance for Isolated Children Pensioner Education Supplement.

Students studying at secondary or tertiary level should apply for either:

  • Pensioner Education Supplement
  • ABSTUDY Pensioner Education Supplement.

Check if your state or territory government provides additional benefits for isolated students.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022