Approved Collection Centres

Apply, renew, vary or cancel an Approved Collection Centre (ACC).

We’re experiencing a busy period for ACC renewal applications. Get your application in as early as possible and before your current approval period ends, to allow for longer processing times. You can apply for your ACC renewal online through HPOS. Make sure you complete the form correctly and include all supporting documents. Incomplete applications will be rejected and returned without prior notice.

Before you apply


You must:

  • be a current Approved Pathology Authority (APA) before you apply to operate an ACC
  • own a Category S, GX or GY laboratory or have an agreement to use another APA’s Category G laboratory
  • meet the Guidelines for Approved Pathology Collection Centres on the Department of Health and Aged Care website
  • get your supporting documents ready
  • pay the tax and send us proof of payment with your application.

Supporting documents - lease agreements and proof of ownership

You must include either:

  • the signed lease
  • the signed sub-lease
  • assignment of lease for the premises where the APA is a lessee or sub-lessee, or signed agreements, or arrangements to occupy the space.

You must also supply either:

  • written confirmation if you have a lease extension or a month-to-month lease
  • proof of ownership of the premises, such as a rates notice, if you own the premises.

Supporting documents - floor plans

You must also include the floor plan of the entire premises, not just the part the ACC occupies.

If you’re a new ACC or you have a new lease agreement, the floor plan must show the:

  • ACC name
  • full street address
  • area occupied by the ACC in square metres
  • size of each common area used by the ACC and other occupants of the facility
  • total size of the facility.

If you’re renewing and don’t have a new lease, you still need to supply a floor plan with the:

  • ACC address
  • location shown on the floor plan
  • size of the ACC in square metres or room measurements.

Apply, renew or cancel using HPOS

You can apply, renew, vary or cancel your ACC through the Pathology Registration function in HPOS. It’s fast and secure. You first need to set up PRODA and HPOS and link to your APA.

Please submit an application for each ACC location.

Set up HPOS

If you don’t have access to HPOS you need to:

  1. Apply for a PRODA account - use your identity documents for this.
  2. Link your PRODA account to HPOS.
  3. Call us to link your PRODA account to your APA. You need to give us the APA number and name, the return authorisation number, and associate type - administrator (full access) or staff (read only access).

Read more about PRODA and HPOS.

Use the HPOS help guides to:

Other tasks you can do in HPOS

You can also:

  • nominate someone to do tasks on your behalf in HPOS. They’ll need a PRODA account
  • view and vary ACC details
  • cancel an ACC
  • upload supporting documents such as leases and floor plans
  • create an invoice and request a receipt
  • confirm transactions through HPOS email
  • get ACC certificates and approval letters through HPOS email.

Apply by form

Fill in the Application for new, renewal or cancellation of an Approved Collection Centre form, pay any relevant tax and supply proof of payment with your form.

Upload your form and supporting documents through HPOS or post or fax it to us.

Once approved we’ll send a certificate confirming the approval period.

You can view the Approved Collection Centre Register for a list of ACCs.


Cancel an ACC

There’s a user guide to help you cancel an ACC in HPOS.

You can also fill in the Application for new, renewal or cancellation of an Approved Collection Centre form. Upload your form and supporting documents through HPOS or post or fax it to us.

Acquire or merge an APA for ACCs

If you acquire or merge an APA and it affects an ACC, you must tell us within 30 days.

You need to provide details about:

  • the APA
  • all ACCs affected
  • leases and floor plans.

You can do this through either:

Page last updated: 7 July 2022