Who can get it

There are 3 ways to be eligible for a Pension Supplement.

Eligibility options

Option 1

You can get the supplement if you get one of the following payments from us:

Option 2

You can get the supplement if you’re over Age Pension age and get one of the following payments:

Option 3

You can get the basic amount of supplement if you’re under Age Pension age and get Parenting Payment single.

How you get it

You don’t need to do anything. We’ll pay you each fortnight with your support payment.

If you can’t get Pension Supplement, you could get one of these payments:

When you're a transitional rate pensioner

If you get a transitional rate of pension you won't get the Pension Supplement. You'll get an equivalent amount. 

Read more about Transitional rate of pension.

If you were getting Wife Pension

You’ll keep getting the equivalent amount providing both of the following apply:

  • you were getting a transitional pension rate of Wife Pension and you transferred to JobSeeker Payment
  • you continue to meet eligibility requirements.

Your JobSeeker Payment information will show your equivalent amount as Transitional Pension Supplement. The amount shown is not the same as pension supplement.

Page last updated: 29 June 2023.
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