When you’re returning home

Requirements for returning home from overseas that may affect you.

Check biosecurity rules

To protect our environment, health and security, we have strict biosecurity rules. This affects what you can bring home to Australia. The Smartraveller website has information about biosecurity and border controls.

Check your passport and visa

Make sure your passport is still valid before you come home. The Australian Passport Office website has information about renewing passports and what to do in an emergency.

If you’re not an Australian citizen, make sure you have the right visa to come to Australia. The Department of Home Affairs has visa information on their website.

Contact us when you arrive home

If you get a Centrelink payment or concession card

In most cases you don’t need to tell us that you’ve returned to Australia.

You need to contact us if any of the following applies to you:

  • your payment or concession card stopped while you were away and didn’t restore automatically when you returned
  • you’re paid under an international social security agreement
  • we’ve asked you to provide evidence for your reason for travel.

If you’re enrolled in Medicare

In most cases you don’t need to tell us that you’ve returned to Australia. If you were eligible before your holiday you may still be enrolled in Medicare.

If you’ve been living overseas for more than 12 months you may need to re-enrol in Medicare. There are different rules depending on if you’re an Australian citizen or not.

If you have a Child Support Case

If you have a Child Support Agreement in place, call us on the Child Support enquiry line when you get home. Your return may affect how we manage your case.

Page last updated: 11 May 2023.
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