Managing B2B Devices

Learn how to register, activate and manage Business to Business (B2B) Devices in PRODA.

You can register a B2B Device for your organisation in PRODA. A B2B Device lets your organisation get authorised access to a service provider with a software developer product.

Only members with the Device-Management attribute can register and manage B2B Devices. Read our guide on adding members and delegating management attributes in PRODA.

You can register a B2B Device to the parent or subsidiary organisation in PRODA. Read our guide on registering subsidiary organisations.

If you need help to set up and connect your B2B Device, please contact your software developer.

If you need help with PRODA, you can call or email the PRODA team.

Step 1: log in

Log in to PRODA and select Organisations.

Select which organisation name you want to register the B2B device to.

Step 2: register and activate a B2B device

Select B2B Devices and then Register New B2B Device.

Enter a Device Name. The name needs to be descriptive enough so you can recognise the device purpose or what service transactions it’s performing.

The device name must be unique to your organisation in PRODA. The name can contain the following characters:

  • alphabetic
  • numeric
  • underscores
  • hyphens
  • full stops
  • no spaces.

You can add further details to describe your device in Description.

Select Register Device.

You’ve registered a device.

You’ll get a unique Device Activation Code valid for 7 days. Record this code as it’s not stored.

To activate your device you need to either:

  • use the code in your software
  • give the code to your software developer.

Contact your software vendor if you have questions.

Once you’ve activated your device, it’s active for 6 months. You’ll need to reactivate your B2B device with PRODA at least every 6 months.

You’ll see your B2B device in Organisation Details.

Step 3: manage a B2B Device

If you misplace your activation code or if it expires, you can generate a new code. Select Generate New Code in the B2B Device’s Device Details.

If your B2B device expires, you can reactivate it by generating a new code.

You can also Extend the B2B device expiry date, Disable and Remove an existing B2B device and View History.

If a service provider needs specific attributes to connect your developer software you can Assign Device Attributes.

Step 4: log out

For your privacy and security, log out when you’ve finished using your PRODA account.

Select Logout.

Page last updated: 17 November 2022.
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