Supporting new ABSTUDY students at your boarding school or hostel

Find out how to arrange orientation visits and ABSTUDY support for your new students.

Encourage students to visit

It’s a good idea to encourage students and their families to come and see your school or hostel if they haven’t already had an orientation visit. ABSTUDY can help cover the costs of their travel and a place to stay.

These visits help both students and their families:

  • experience the school and boarding house
  • meet the staff who’ll be looking after them.

You can also send staff to remote communities to meet families and other community members. This is part of building relationships, trust and understanding to support the student’s transition to living away from home.

Find out more about arranging orientation visits.

Help families claim ABSTUDY

Boarding schools and hostels play an important role in helping families claim and manage ABSTUDY. We pay ABSTUDY board and tuition payments directly to you on behalf of students.

Learn more about what you need to do to:

Get permission to ask us about students’ ABSTUDY

You should talk to new families about filling in an Authorising a person or organisation to enquire or act on your behalf form (SS313).

This form allows you to ask us questions about the student’s ABSTUDY. It means you can contact us directly on behalf of the student and ask general questions. You can’t make changes but you can ask about what’s happening with the students ABSTUDY.

Once you have permission to enquire, you’ll be able to get information to help you prepare for a new student. For example, you can find out:

  • if they’ve claimed ABSTUDY
  • how the claim is progressing.

You can also check on their travel arrangements with ABSTUDY.

Parents and guardians can also give you permission to enquire by calling the ABSTUDY line.

Respond to payment on advice requests

We’ll let you know once we’ve approved your student for ABSTUDY. Your first payment for the year is generally after Term 1 starts.

At the start of each term, we’ll email asking you to go online and use a One Time Access Code to enter the Education Institutions eService. The eService will be pre-populated with the details of all your students getting ABSTUDY. You need to fill in their first day attendance date by the deadline so we can make payments on time. We’ll make the relevant term instalment payment shortly after.

This will happen the same way each term. Read about the key dates that apply for your state or territory:

Page last updated: 29 July 2022.
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