Supporting documents

When you claim Farm Household Allowance (FHA), we’ll ask you for some documents to support your claim.

What documents you’ll need

As you complete your FHA claim we’ll ask you to provide us with certain documents or information. Any documents you must provide will appear as required in your claim.

If you don’t give us these documents you can’t submit your claim. Having them ready before you start your claim will help you finish your claim and not delay the process.

Other documents you may need

You may need to give us other documents. These will appear as supplementary in the claim. You don’t have to provide these documents straight away. You’ll have 14 days after you submit your claim to submit them.

We may ask you for further information as we work through your claim and assess your circumstances. If this happens, we’ll put your claim on hold. If you don’t give us the documents within 14 days of our request we may reject your claim.

What documents you might need

We've listed the documents and information we usually ask for. You may not need all of them.

Documents Documents and forms you may need to provide

Property and real estate

Assets and liabilities

Income and financials

If you're unsure which documents you need to give us, you can call the:

How to submit your documents

You can upload documents in your Centrelink online account or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. If you need help, read more about how to submit your Centrelink documents online.

You can send them to us by mail or fax. Or you can give them to us by visiting a service centre or Agent.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021