Residence rules

To be eligible for the Continence Aids Payment Scheme you must meet residency requirements.

To stay eligible for the scheme you must be either an:

  • Australian citizen
  • Australian permanent resident or have permanent residency rights.

You must hold these residency requirements for as long as you get the payment.

You may have permanent residency rights under the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 if you’re one of the following:

  • a New Zealand citizen who holds a Special Category Visa (SCV)
  • a New Zealand citizen who holds a Subclass 189 visa
  • a New Zealand citizen who held a SCV or Special Purpose Visa immediately before last leaving Australia (but wasn’t removed or deported)
  • in Norfolk Island or Cocos (Keeling) Islands and aren’t an Australian citizen.

If the payment is for a child, they must also meet these rules.

Page last updated: 17 October 2023.
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