Apply for the Electronic Verification of Rent for businesses. Before you start, check that your business is eligible to apply for EVoR.

We have varied the EVoR Policy, EVoR Terms, and EVoR Procedural Guide to reflect our name change to Services Australia.

Read our documents

Download and read all of the following EVoR policy, terms and procedural guide documents:

They tell you all of the following:

  • what you should consider before applying
  • the requirements your business must meet
  • what we expect from EVoR and your obligations.

Complete the forms

To apply, download, complete and print both the:

Use the User Details form to register at least 1 staff member for Centrelink Business Online Services (CBOS). We’ll provide log on ID and password details for each user you register.

Submit forms

Fax both your completed forms to our Centrelink Confirmation eServices for business helpdesk.

After you apply

We’ll let you know the outcome of your application. If we approve your application we’ll talk to you about how to use EVoR. We’ll tell you how to get customer consent.

If we don’t approve your application, we’ll let you know in writing.

Page last updated: 6 March 2020