Northbound goods

Northbound component is for goods produced or manufactured in Tasmania and transported by sea to the Australian mainland.

Eligible claimants

To be eligible to claim for northbound shipments you must have incurred and paid the cost of shipping the goods. In most cases you will be the Tasmanian producer, Tasmanian manufacturer, or the buyer of the goods.

You won’t be eligible if you’re any of the following:

  • a freight forwarder
  • a shipping company
  • a business that arranges or advises on shipping
  • a business that advises on this scheme
  • a business that sets the price of shipping
  • a business that is in a non-arm’s length relationship with any of these.

Eligible goods

To be eligible for assistance with freight costs, northbound goods must meet all of the following. They must:

  • be manufactured in Tasmania
  • incur a freight cost disadvantage.

Eligible northbound goods can be domestic or other markets. Different eligibility criteria applies to each:

  • Northbound domestic goods must be staying on the Australian mainland. Specifically, they must be for permanent use or for sale on the mainland of Australia
  • Northbound other market goods must be shipped to the Australian mainland and unloaded, before being transported to other markets by sea or by air.

A different rate of assistance applies to domestic and other markets northbound goods. You must claim each shipment type separately.

If you’re unsure if goods will remain in Australia or go to other markets, you should claim these as Northbound other markets.

If your northbound goods are eligible they must also be listed in the TFES Ministerial Directions - Schedule 1 on the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts website. If your northbound goods are not listed in Schedule 1, you can apply to have them added.

You can contact Transport and freight services for further information.

Ineligible goods

Goods manufactured on the mainland or outside Australia are not eligible for assistance, unless they have undergone a manufacturing process in Tasmania.

Page last updated: 5 July 2022.
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