myGov help - Link a service if you don't have an online account

How to link a service to your myGov account if you don’t have an online account with that service.

If you have a question about using myGov, you can ask the myGov digital assistant. Go to the myGov website, select Ask a question and type your question. The digital assistant will answer your question.

We may ask you some questions to make sure we match the correct record to your myGov account when linking:

  • Centrelink
  • Medicare
  • Child Support.

These questions will be different for each service you link to. They can include:

  • reference numbers
  • payment history
  • bank account details.

Make sure you have this information ready before you begin.

If you’re not an existing customer of these services, you won’t be able to link them to your myGov account. Go to each service to find out how to apply and what your options are to link a service.

Step 1: sign in to myGov

Go to myGov and sign in.

Select either:

  • Services
  • Link your first service.

Select the service you want to link to from the list.

In this example, we'll link Child Support.

Step 2: link a new service

Select I’m an existing Child Support customer but I don’t have an online account, then select Next.

Step 3: enter your personal and service details

We'll ask you to enter some personal details such as your:

  • member service reference number, depending on what service you’re linking
  • name
  • date of birth
  • address.

Select Next.

We'll ask you to answer some questions specific to you. This is to make sure we match the correct record to your myGov account.

We base the questions on information you’ve given to the service in the past.

Answer the questions, then select Next.

You've now linked your service to your myGov account.

You can either:

  • select Home
  • select Sign out
  • link another service by selecting a service under Link a service.

For your privacy and security, select Sign out when you've finished using your myGov account.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021