myGov help - Link Centrelink to myGov if you have a Customer Reference Number

Instructions on how to link Centrelink to your myGov account if you have a Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN).

To start you need a myGov account. If you don’t have one, you can go to the myGov website to create one.

We’ll ask you some questions to make sure we match the correct record to your myGov account when linking Centrelink.

We’ll ask you to provide either your:

  • payment history
  • bank account details.

Make sure you have this information ready before you begin.

If we can’t link your record to myGov with the details you provide, you’ll need to call us for help.

If you don’t have or know your CRN and want to claim a Centrelink payment or service, read our online guides:

The screenshots in this guide are from a computer. The page layout will look different if you’re using a mobile device.

Step 1: sign in to myGov

Go to myGov and sign in.

Select either:

  • Link a service
  • View and link services.

From the list, select Link for the service you want to link.

If you agree to myGov storing your Given names, Family name and Date of birth in your myGov profile, select Continue.

This page will only show if you haven’t linked Medicare or the Australian Taxation Office to your myGov account first.

If you’ve already linked the Australian Taxation Office or Medicare to your myGov account, we’ll show your myGov profile details. To link Centrelink, these details must match the details on your Centrelink record.

Select Continue to proceed.

Step 2: get started

Select Yes to Do you have or know your CRN?.

Select No to Do you have a linking code?, then select Next.

Select Get started in the Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) box.

Step 3: enter details about you

We’ll ask you to enter some personal details such as your:

  • Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • Given and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address.

When you’ve finished entering all of your details, select Next.

We’ll ask you to answer some questions specific to you. This is to make sure we match the correct record to your myGov account.

We base the questions on information you’ve given to Centrelink in the past.

Answer the question, then select Next to move to the next one.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, select I do not know the answer so we can ask you a different one.

When you’ve answered the questions, you’ve linked Centrelink to your myGov account.

You can select either of the following options:

  • Continue to go to your Centrelink online account
  • Return to myGov to go back to your myGov account.

For your privacy and security, select My account, then Sign out when you’ve finished using your myGov account.

View other online account and Express Plus mobile app guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 12 October 2023.
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